The tragic history of Afghanistan has destroyed many innocent lives. The most innocent of these victims are surely the children. They do not have political views. They do not have hate. But they do have fear. Fear of a future worse than that which they have experienced in their short lives.

With the help of Sana Orphanage, the tears that fall from the faces of these children do not have to be accompanied by a broken heart; these tears can instead be those of happiness when the heart is overflowing with joy.

These children, like every other child around the world, simply ask for the basic necessities of life: food, shelter and love. Sana Orphanage provides these basic needs but also strives to turn each life into one that can benefit society through education. A full belly and a well tuned mind is what makes Sana Orphanage more than just an orphanage.

April 2012 Update

Since Sana Orphanage opened its doors to the poor and needy children of Kandahar in October 2006, with God's help we have been able to save 53 kids - five sweet girls and 48 fantastic boys.